I don’t usually post things like this on my blog – correction, have never posted anything like this on my blog – but this is too near and dear to my heart not to share. One of the sweetest and strongest families I’ve ever known has been faced with yet another hardship, and they need our help. My best friend’s kind, amazing, selfless mother, Tammy Whitty, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer – and it truly breaks my heart.

With the financial stress of Tammy being out of work for her treatment, it is difficult for her to fully concentrate on her health. With everything already on the Whitty family’s mind, money is the absolute last thing they should be worrying about. This is where we come in.

Donate $1, $10, $100 – whatever you have. Tammy has and will always do anything for the people she loves; so let’s return the favor and help her get better so she keep loving life. If you don’t have the money to give, please send all the love, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes you can – I’m a firm believer that these things can cure anything.

Please join me in supporting my friend Danielle and help her incredible mother in her fight against cancer. To read more about Tammy and donate to this cause, click here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this – I love and appreciate you all!


Blush + Scarlet











This winter I’ve had a few pieces, brands, and trends on major repeat. The first has to be my blush-colored coat, first debuted in my Charleston Culinary Tour post, which I basically haven’t taken off during these chilly months. Second, I’ve been on a serious J. Crew kick these days – they’ve just been killin’ it and I’ll be the first to admit it. Like I’ve said before, I usually try to mix classic, preppier staples with more eclectic pieces, but recently I’ve noticed that I’ve donned some looks that are almost head-to-toe J. Crew. Hey, as long as they don’t look too “soccer mom,” I’m cool with it. Lastly would be layering – can’t stop won’t stop layering, y’all. My chambray shirt has been integral in my layered looks and I’ve probably worn it in half my outfits this winter. Gotta do what you gotta do to stay warm/trendy.

I decided to pull out this look for the Scarlet Wedding Tour (more on that in a sec), where some of the best and the brightest wedding professionals, bloggers, and Charleston rockstars would be in attendance. In other words, I couldn’t really go in my “can you not” tee and boyfriend jeans (aka my daily uniform). Instead, I opted for a leopard dress layered overtop of my trusty chambray shirt, my powdery pink coat, and black lace-up heels to totally offset any previously mentioned soccer mom vibe. As for accessories, I chose a simple black envelope clutch, a pretty statement necklace, gold bracelets, and my favorite rings. To really play up the luxe feel of the outfit, I went with a rose gold mani and shiny nude lips. What do you think?

A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite event planning businesses, Scarlet Plan & Design, hosted the Scarlet Wedding Tour. On this tour, engaged couples were escorted through The Holy City aboard limos and trolleys to visit The Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, Boone Hall Plantation, The Historic Rice Mill, and Upstairs at Midtown. Each venue was fully set up by Charleston’s finest wedding industry mavens to give couples an idea for how it would look and feel for their own wedding days. For a full recap of the tour, go to the Scarlet Plan & Design blog! Check out some highlights from the after party below.

Dress: J. Crew | Chambray Shirt: J. Crew | Coat: Forever 21 | Shoes: Shoemint | Clutch: Forever 21 | Necklace: J. Crew | Bracelets: J. Crew Factory | Arrow Ring c/o Lilli & Tori | Nails: Essie (Penny Talk)







Annie Grotophorst x TKPD


So my friend Annie Grotophorst is a crazy-talented artist and just moved to Charleston to hang out with me more/get a job in graphic design. Somehow I lucked out by getting her to do some illustrations of my blog, and y’all – they’re freaking amazing. I was thinking Annie would send me one, maybe two; but before I knew it, all of these masterpieces were in my inbox and my heart was exploding. (I’m dramatic).

Let it be known that this babe did all of these illustrations with WATERCOLOR – which kind of boggles my mind. I know what you’re thinking: “those designs, that detail, how did she ever have the patience…?” But that’s just what makes Annie so ridiculously talented. Take a look at my post, Neon Nights, and compare the illustration above to the photos. Like, which one is which?! I don’t even know.

S’more Dandy

Party in Palazzos

Adored in Co-Ords

Layering Love

Power + Glory

One Piece, Two Ways: Old Navy Drapey Cropped Pants

Falling for Autumn Florals

Love Annie’s work as much as I do? Feel free to email her at agrotophorst@gmail.com for your (affordable) custom illustration needs. To enter to win one of your very own, head to my Instagram now!

To see more of Annie’s work, check out her portfolio (she does the cutest dog drawings!) and her Instagram – it’s artsy/Charleston/food/adventure perfection.

Liebster Award


Since I started my blog, I have received several Liebster Award nominations – but never took the time to do the post for it. Why? Who knows. Laziness, obviously, and I guess I thought it was kind of fake and weird until Annie Reeves wore army pants and flip flops posted her Liebster, so it immediately became cool and naturally I followed suit. Most recently, I was nominated by Kayla’s Chaos, but I’ve also received noms from blogger sweethearts All That Shimmers, Shoot to Kale, Kiss and Make Me Up & Exquisite by Design. Thanks for the love, ladies! Here goes nothin’.

1. Display the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
2. Thank and link back to the person who has nominated you.
3. List 11 facts about yourself.
4. Answer the 11 questions they have posted.
5. Create 11 questions to ask.
6. Choose your own nominations.

1. I graduated with a degree in biology. LOL.
2. True life: I’m addicted to sugar.
3. I have a rescue dog named Louie who I truly believe is a villain-turned-dog a la Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I kinda like him though.
4. Target is my second home.
5. At 4, I refused to go to church so my mom took away my TV privileges for a week. In response, I creepily slid a note under her door that said “I do not carr.” I think that sums me up pretty well. #sassy5ever #lifemantra
6. I want so badly to be a morning person, but I never, ever will be.
7. My boyfriend describes me as a 400 lb. man inside a 5′ 2″ girl’s body. Can’t say I disagree. So what if I want pizza every night for dinner?!
8. I can lick my elbow.
9. I work for a really awesome company called The Big Fake Wedding.
10. I have a birthmark in my tramp stamp vicinity that looks IDENTICAL to Hawaii. It’s geographically accurate and everything.
11. Goat cheese is my religion.

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started my blog in the summer of 2013, right after I moved down to Charleston. Having moved to a new city 500 miles away, knowing just a handful of people, I decided to document the exploration of my new home and my fashion sense along the way. TK&PD also originated as a way to help my friends and family with their styling questions (i.e., “How do I wear these leather shorts?” or “What should I wear for Valentine’s Day?”) and very quickly became so much more.

2. What is your dream job?
Celebrity stylist.

3. What’s your go-to piece in your wardrobe?
My chambray shirt. Anytime I buy a tricky piece and I’m trying to figure out how to style it, chambray works every time. It also really comes in handy when layering!

4. What five things do you always carry in your bag?
iPhone, credit card, Aquaphor, snacks (obvs), and bright pink lipstick – my secret weapon. If you’re ever looking a little tired, bright pink lipstick immediately brightens you up and makes you look more awake. As for feeling more awake, that’s what lots of coffee is for.

5. What’s the last song you listened to?
Every song on my sister’s latest demo album. Her name is Carleigh Nesbit and she’s an extremely talented singer/songwriter. Check her out!

6. What’s your favorite season and why?
In my hometown, Charlottesville, VA, it would have to be fall. The leaves, the mountains, the weather, the wardrobe. Don’t call me basic. Here in Charleston, however, since fall doesn’t exist, I’d have go with spring. The middle of May, right before it gets absurdly, painfully, almost comically hot, when everything is blooming and bright. For a couple weeks, it feels kind of like heaven.

7. You’re at a bar. What do you order?
If it’s brunch, a Bloody Mary. Any other time of day, a Moscow Mule.

8. What’s one trend you wish would go away? One you hope stays forever?
Go away: wedge sneakers. Stay forever: fur vests.

9. Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Today, Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project. Every day, Olivia Palermo. As for my all-time favorite? Brigitte Bardot. Feminine, classic, a little edgy. Stripes and polka dots everywhere. Big hair. Perfection.

10. What is one passion of yours, other than what you blog about?
Animals. If I could, I’d live on a farm with hundreds of rescue dogs, every animal from every abusive farm, and Justin Timberlake. I know he’s not an animal but I’m passionate about him too.

11. What are your resolutions/goals for 2015, both blog-related and personal?
Blog-related: blog more, plan and schedule my posts better, wear more colors, stay true to myself and avoid being influenced by the (sometimes) cookie cutter blogger culture.
Personal: drink more water, no screens before bed, be more positive, travel often.

1. luxe & staple
2. Southern Meets Chic
3. White Girl Black Pants
4. Holy City in Heels
5. Northern Lights – Southern Belles
6. like the yogurt
7. Sunflowers & Lace
8. Louella Reese
9. Trendy on a Budget
10. Venita Aspen
11. To Hell in a Handbag

1. Describe yourself in five words or less.
2. What’s your spirit animal?
3. What’s number one on your wish list right now?
4. Who or what inspires you?
5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
6. Heels or flats?
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
8. K/F/M: Leo, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake.
9. What’s your favorite quote?
10. You’re stranded on a desert island. What five things would you want with you?
11. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

Hey this was fun! Thanks for reading, guys!

Love is Sweet


I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Even when I didn’t have someone special to celebrate it with, I still just love the awful, adorable commercialism of it all. The decorations, the colors, the sweets – it’s all cute and I’m not sorry for liking it so much. This year, I decided to throw together a little last-minute shoot with all my favorite things about Valentine’s Day: balloons, confetti, macarons, flowers, candy hearts, and my most favorite thing of all – my sweet boy, Will. How I convinced him to jump in a few photos, I will never know, but let me just say he is the best sport (and human) of all time. I’m a lucky lady, y’all.

When I was thinking about who I wanted to shoot this, it didn’t take very long to decide on one of my favorite Charleston photographers, the fabulous and talented Katie Capo of Catherine Ann Photography. Thankfully, she is awesome and flexible and spontaneous and emailed back right away that she was in (#girlcrush). But really, she just has this incredible, creative eye, is super laid-back and fun to work with, and her pictures look like you’re in a DREAM. She is so so good, you guys – I’m very grateful to be able to work with her. Take a look at some of my favorite photos from the shoot below!













I wanted my outfit to be fun, classic, and playful – so I went with a tied chambray shirt, a beautiful tulle skirt that the WORLD’S COOLEST BOSS let me borrow (true story), and yet another pair of Shoemint heels that I’m in love with. To accessorize, I chose a pearl cluster necklace, LOVE rings (like brass knuckles but nicer), and my favorite Lilli & Tori arrow ring. Lastly, like the sweethearts they are, Pink Dot hooked it up with some individual lashes and hot pink lips.

Although it looks like a warm, sunny afternoon, the day of the shoot was actually cloudy, freezing, and blustery. The balloons were slapping me in the face, my toes were numb, my hair was spinning around in a tornado…it was not a pretty sight. But this is just a testament to how amazing Katie is – the photos look like it was just another dreamy day in Charleston. How does she do it?!

Will stopped by the shoot for about fifteen minutes, with roses in hand (!), and jumped in a few photos with me. In fear of these looking and feeling like engagement shots, I told Katie I just wanted these to be lighthearted and fun – and she was totally pickin’ up what I was puttin’ down. We had so much fun (yes, even Will – shocking!) and I absolutely love the way Katie captured us.








My look:
Chambray Shirt: J. Crew | Skirt: Out of Hand | Heels: Shoemint | Necklace: Loft | Love Rings: H&M | Arrow Ring: Lilli & Tori | Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

His look:
Gingham Shirt: Brooks Brothers | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Boots: Johnston & Murphy | Sweater: J. Crew

Macarons: Macaron Boutique

What do you think of my little impromptu shoot? Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

Photo Credit: Catherine Ann Photography

What to Wear on Valentine’s (& Galentine’s!) Day


Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? Ugh I know, #shitgirlssay, but seriously! This day of lurrrrve falls on a Saturday this year (!) so you can make all kinds of plans. However, the thing about plans is that they come with many outfit decisions. Bummer. Lucky for you, I adore the commercialism of Valentine’s Day a regretful amount and like to spend my time decorating my apartment with hearts and candy and curating festive yet subtle V-Day outfits. YOU’RE WELCOME. See what you think below!

Date Night

Who says you have to wear pink or red on Valentine’s Day? This year, opt for a pale lavender instead. Not only is lavender having a major moment right now, but it’s such a breath of fresh air from those obvious V-Day colors. I’m so in love with this precious scalloped shift dress – it’s feminine, flattering and oh-so perfect for a date with your boo thang. Slip on some delicate nude heels (currently having a love affair with Shoemint), accessorize with a pastel statement necklace and a little heart ring, then top off the look with kissable pink lips and bright red nails – hey, I didn’t say there would be no pink and red at all. Before you head out the door, spritz on your most romantic perfume (one of my faves is Chance) and you’re good to go.

Scalloped Dress: Tobi | Nude Heels: Shoemint | Necklace: Loft | Ring: Aurelie Bidermann | Lip Gloss: NYX (Tea Rose) | Nail Lacquer: Essie (Lollipop) | Perfume: Chanel (Chance)

Galentine’s Day

If you don’t celebrate Galentine’s Day, you need to make it a tradition starting now. According to Queen Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day takes place on February 13th every year and gives you the chance to celebrate the real loves of your life, your lady friends. Me and my galz typically drink margs and eat our body weight in Mexican food, but to each her own. ANYWAY, since there will be no boys there to judge your weird trendy outfit #storyofmylife, break out all the fun fads – graphic tees, distressed boyfriend jeans (the ones above are called “ex-boyfriend jeans” – teehee), a peplum leather jacket… The possibilities are endless. Accessorize with some festive two-tone pumps, colorful cluster studs, and pretty gold jewelry. (Sidenote: I just got that Gorjana bracelet in my Rocksbox and I CANNOT stop wearing it – more on that soon.) If you’re really feeling sassy, and I hope that you are, go bold with a neon pink lip. My coworker (hi Liz) always wears the most incredible lipsticks and introduced me to NYX matte lipstick in ‘Shocking Pink’ – and it has kind of changed my life. It’s the perfect bright Barbie pink and stays on for 234809258 hours. Bonus: if you’re looking a little hungover tired in the morning, swipe some on and you’ll immediately look awake and alive, even if you feel like death. Wait, why am I talking about death in my Valentine’s Day post?

Graphic Tee: Nylon | Boyfriend Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmied | Peplum Jacket: H&M | Two-tone Pumps: Shoemint | Cluster Studs: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Gorjana | Rings: Gorjana | Lipstick: NYX (Shocking Pink)

Okay so now that your outfit is taken care of, it’s time to think about a valentine card to give your person. It can also double as a gift if it’s frame-worthy and you’re poor (aka me). Whether it’s for your best pal, your fam, or your dude, here are a few of my favorite *not your average* valentines:

{ buy here. }

{ buy here. }

{ buy here. }

{ buy here. }

Thanks for reading, guys – you’re all my valentines <3

Charleston Culinary Tour


Last weekend I was finally able to go on a Charleston Culinary Tour, and now I totally get what all the fuss is about. I went on the Upper King Culinary Tour and we visited HōM, Prohibition, Union Provisions, and then Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for dessert. I knew the food was going to be delicious but oh my goodness, y’all – these were some of the best meals I’ve ever had. Read on to learn my favorite dishes of the day, an unexpected favorite part, and how to make the most of your culinary tour.




Known for their southern cookin’ and complete with ping pong tables in the back (including a paddle behind the bar signed by Bill Murray), HōM aims to feel like just that to customers – home! I have been known to frequent this restaurant solely for their BLT Bloody Mary – yes that means bacon inside your drink – and the occasional (often) mac & cheese burger.

Despite showing up a few minutes late (classic), w and I arrived just in time for the most mouthwatering calamari I’ve ever had. Calamari is usually not my first choice when picking appetizers, but HōM’s version had me eating both my words and all the calamari in sight. It was tossed with a sundried tomato and goat cheese sauce that I wanted to fill up a pool with and dive into. You guys know how passionate I am about goat cheese.

The second dish at HōM was their ‘Dixie Flatbread’ (pictured above). It was topped with pimento cheese (basically a food group in the south), pork confit, caramelized onions, and maple bacon greens. I pretended to be polite and ate the first half with a fork and knife, then got lost under its spell and stuffed the rest of it in my mouth. I probably could have eaten a dozen of these – definitely my favorite at HōM.

Our third dish was a sample of their ‘Green Gobble’n’ sandwich – turkey, melted leeks & spiniach, brie, green goddess aioli, and green apple. Need I say more?




Out of all the restaurants on the tour, Prohibition is definitely the one that I go to the most. I’m a big fan of their brunch, outside patio, and weekend DJ who plays 90s jams (read: NSYNC upon request) like it’s his job. Which I guess it, like, kind of is.

The first dish at Prohibition was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The talented chef whipped up a *non-menu* rabbit paella with local rabbit, chorizo, Spanish rice, bell peppers, onions, and a sriracha hollandaise (swoon). As y’all know I’m an avid animal lover and kind of like animals more than I like humans, so getting past the rabbit thing was difficult, but once that first bite passed by lips it was all over. Easily my favorite dish at Prohibition, maybe even the whole day/week/month.

I don’t know how anything could ever rival that paella, but the second dish came close. It was a duck hash with duck confit over hand-cut crispy bell pepper hash, topped with local fried duck eggs and that sexy sriracha hollandaise again, then finished with shaved duck yolk. (Say duck again.) It was also a HUGE portion (pictured above), so everyone got more than enough.

Our last dish at Prohibition was their ‘Blueberry Basket’ – crispy crème brûlée french toast (OKAY) stuffed with homemade blueberry ice cream, then drizzled with maple syrup. Dead.



Union Provisions
This place is fairly new to Upper King and I had been dying to try it. Not only did I hear the food was incredible, but the building and the space are stunning. High ceilings, tons of windows, natural light pouring in from King Street… I couldn’t get enough, and was snapping pics like I was at a Justin Timberlake concert.

At Union Provisions, they brought out mussels with baguettes (pictured above) and a pork steamed bun with spicy mustard. Although I’m a huge fan of mussels, that pork bun spoke to my soul. It was served in a bamboo steamer basket and when they opened it, tendrils of steam escaped theatrically. It was awesome.

The drink menu was also pretty dope, although not included, and featured cocktails and spirits that were just asking to be Instagrammed (see above). I will definitely be going back here to explore more of their menu!




Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
You win, Charleston Culinary Tour, you win. Ending the tour with a scoop of Jeni’s was an overachiever move if I’ve ever seen one. Although it was not my first rodeo at this sweet shop, I pretended that I didn’t know what ice cream was and proceeded to try every flavor on the menu. Hey, it’s encouraged!

Since there weren’t necessarily “dishes” here – if there were, I could have eaten a twelve course meal – I will do you the favor of telling you my favorite Jeni’s flavors:

  • Salty Caramel – First things first, THIS. I could live off this stuff. If you could order popcorn tubs of this, I’d do it. They caramelize sugar by hand, then blend with sea salt and grass-grazed milk. K.
  • Coffee with Cream and Sugar – Why can’t all coffee taste like coffee ice cream? Specifically, this coffee ice cream. It’s made with freshly roasted beans, ground and steeped in grass-grazed milk, and tastes like heaven.
  • Goat Cheese with Red Cherries – Don’t even try to say this sounds gross. I’ve told you how I feel about goat cheese. If you know me at all, you have probably heard me say “goat cheese is my religion” and it is. This flavor kind of tastes like cheesecake but so, so much better.
  • Wildberry Lavender – I’m usually not a huge lavender fan outside of soaps and potpourri, but this is an exception. A big one. My scooper at Jeni’s once described it as gourmet Froot Loops, and I totally feel her on that.
  • Brambleberry Crisp – In their words, “buttery, oven-toasted oat streusel and a striking, sweet-tart ‘brambleberry’ jam of blackberries and black currants layered throughout vanilla ice cream.” You had me at buttery, babe.

BRB, going to Jeni’s.






So what did I wear for this walking tour in the middle of winter, you might ask? Just my new powder pink coat that I spent months searching for, only to finally discover in the clutches of Forever 21 – with whom I share an endless love-hate relationship. The online reviews (gotta stalk those pretty hard at F21) were VERY mixed but I bit the bullet, took a risk, and it worked out.

ANYWAY, I paired my pretty pink coat with a chambray shirt (duh), black skinnies, black booties, and a black envelope clutch – another annoyingly incredible find from F21. I just love the color combo of pale pink and black – although it has to be only a whisper of blush to avoid an 80s vibe. To top off the look, I went with cat-eye sunnies, a sparkly statement necklace, my standard gold jewelry, and a lavender mani that matched my 18th sample spoon of Wildberry Lavender, as my (male) Jeni’s scooper so observantly pointed out.

Chambray Shirt: J. Crew | Black Skinnies: J. Brand | Pink Coat: Forever 21 | Ankle Booties: H&M (similar) | Sunnies: Forever 21 (similar kinda not really but I like them) | Envelope Clutch: Forever 21 | Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Ring c/o Lilli & Tori | Other Rings: H&M | Nails: Essie (Lilacism)

There you have it – my first Charleston Culinary Tour, but definitely not my last. If y’all need a good gift idea for your Valentine, look no further. The amount of food you get is SO worth it, the dishes are exquisite, and best of all, it’s a present for you too.

Sold yet? Pick up your tickets to a culinary tour here! And to make the most out of your tour, follow these tips:

  1. Don’t wear your skinnygirl jeans. This should be obvious, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me. #rookiemistake
  2. Eat slowly – savor each bite; acknowledge every flavor; chew before swallowing…that means you, w.
  3. Get to know the other people on the tour! This is shocking advice coming from me, the outgoing introvert who would rather eat on the floor alone at brunch than set foot near the community table, but this was kind of my favorite part. Despite the age range being all across the board, the group of maybe fifteen of us got along like we had known each other for years. Everyone was just great and I wish I could be BFF with all of them. The best thing is I’m not even the only one who thought this – everyone loved everyone! It was really cool. Sometimes humans and their ability to connect with each other really amazes me and gives me hope for the world. I’ll stop before I get weird and talk about other things that amaze me, like outer space, life under the sea, or bridges (don’t even get me started on bridges). Tour friends, I gave you my blog card so ball’s in your court – keep in touch!


Layering Love







This winter I’ve been on a huge layering kick – it could be because I’m cold-blooded and need all the help I can get, or maybe because it simply brings any outfit to the next level. My look above would have been okay with just the striped top + sweater, or the chambray shirt + sweater, or the striped top + chambray shirt – but all three together? Magic.

Usually I try to mix up the pieces in my outfit in terms of designers, price points, and general vibe (think Tory + Target, $250 shoes with a $25 dress, grunge boyfriend jeans + pretty peplum top). However, these items, all three from J. Crew, were just asking to be layered. Sometimes things are just meant to be, guys. I’ve been wearing my chambray shirt under absolutely everything recently, so this time with my striped necklace tee (which I purchased immediately after seeing on The Mindy Project #noregrets) was no different. As a result of my core belief that leopard will always make every outfit better combined with a stroke of pure genius, the leopard cardigan happened, making this layered look one for the storybooks. Too much??

Because the top half of this outfit has SO MUCH GOING ON, I kept the rest simple with some black skinnies and minimal gold jewelry. Then, because the J. Crew explosion had me feeling a little bit like a soccer mom on her way to a PTA meeting, I added a sporty feel with white chucks and wayfarers. Do y’all love this look as much as I do? Probs not.

Take home messages: layer anything and everything, print mixing is a bonus (as always), say yes to leopard, Chloe is very humble and modest about her layering skills, watch The Mindy Project, etc.

Chambray Shirt: J. Crew | Top: J. Crew Factory | Leopard Cardigan: J. Crew Factory | Black Skinnies: Old Navy | Sneakers: Converse | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Watch: Forever 21 | Bracelets: J. Crew | Ring c/o Lilli & Tori | Nails: Essie (Lilacism)

Stay tuned for a lesson in layering, coming soon to TK&PD! Thanks for reading <3

Major Moment: BooHoo Knitwear

In this dreaded time of year, the grim January-March stretch, I can only find solace in cute, cozy sweaters. Not to sound dramatic (okay it’s 100% dramatic), but let’s just say if my year could go from April 1st – December 26th, I’d be totally cool with it. Recently I’ve been on a huge BooHoo kick — despite what the brand name might insinuate, their clothes make me anything but sad. See what I did there?

BooHoo’s prices are super reasonable, they have great basics as well as trendy pieces, and their sales are kind of incredible. This winter I’ve been obsessing over BooHoo knitwear (remember this one?) and just had to share their major moment with y’all. I’ve compiled a few of my absolute favorites — although I probably could have made a dozen collages — that are all listed & linked below. Don’t forget to take a peek at their sale section (up to 75% off!) here — happy shopping!

  1. Roll Neck Soft Knit Jumper
  2. Slash Neck Crop Fisherman Sweater
  3. Heart Elbow Patch Jumper
  4. Slub Knit Oversized Tunic
  5. Waffle Knit Jumper
  6. Oversized Jumper

Which one is your favorite? I think mine has to be #3, the heart elbow patch jumper — swoon. Also, the fact that they call their sweaters “jumpers” makes me want them all solely because it makes me feel British. Am I alone in this? Guys?

Shearling Darling








Did I steal my post title from an Essie nail polish color? Maybe. But look at that vest — I couldn’t resist! This snuggly little number from Teal, one of my favorite local boutiques, has been one of my favorite winter staples. January weather in Charleston can be tricky; one day it’s 45, the next it’s 75 (scratch that, one hour and the temperature can change drastically) so layering is key. For chilly mornings and warm afternoons, an outfit like this is perfect. I just went with a flannel, skinnies, Frye boots, and threw my shearling vest on top, and I was good to go for a casual day of errands and a coffee date. To accessorize, I opted for my aviators and a crossbody bag to play up the casual vibe, then dressed it up a bit with some gold and sparkly jewelry. What pieces do you have on repeat this winter?

Shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Skinnies: J. Brand | Shearling Vest: Teal | Boots: Frye | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Watch: Forever 21 | Bracelets: J. Crew | Ring: Lilli & Tori

(Photo Credit: Luxe & Staple)