Color of the Moment: Mint

ImageMint Green: it’s not just for easter and frat boys anymore! Whether it’s ankle jeans, nail lacquer, or gauzy tops and dresses, mint green seems to be everywhere I turn. Is that because I keep buying it? Probably. But what’s not to like about this pastel hue?

Recently, mint has become relevant in virtually every season. In the spring, of course, minty-fresh denim paired with a casual, loose white v-neck. In the summer, flowy, backless tops and tailored, sleeveless A-line dresses.

What about fall and winter, you may ask? This cool hue effortlessly transitions into the chilly months. One of my absolute favorite color combos right now is mint + camel — an easy way to model this mix in autumn is an oversized, off-the-shoulder mint sweater, dark jeans, and tall, camel boots. Still don’t believe me about winter? Transition your favorite mint warm-weather frock into a holiday ensemble by pairing it with tights, flats, a white or gray infinity scarf, and gold jewelry. Boom.

Mint, the year-long tint. Welcome to your new favorite color.

(image source: clockwise from top left: yours truly, necessary clothing, pinterest,

3 thoughts on “Color of the Moment: Mint

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