Fashion 101: Mixing Prints

FotorNEW3Looking for a cure for the extremely contagious “sick of my clothes” disease? Instead of maxing out your credit card, try the simple solution of mixing prints. This will give you a whole new take on your wardrobe, not to mention a hundred new outfit ideas.

There are only a couple guidelines to execute this trend perfectly:

  1. The first, and most important, pick two pieces with one color in common. Black or navy will be your best bet here.
  2. If one of your pieces has a larger, bolder pattern, make sure the other has a smaller, more delicate pattern.
  3. If you’d rather dip a toe into this trend rather than dive right in, mix prints on opposite ends of your body. For example, your scarf and shoes (seen above).

Now for some inspiration. Here’s a list of prints that are just dying to be mixed, and some examples of how to mix them: floral, striped, animal print, chevron, gingham, plaid, tribal, and tie-dye.

  • Striped + floral (try: a striped top with a floral skirt)
  • Chevron + gingham (try: layering a chevron sweater over a gingham oxford top)
  • Plaid + cheetah (try: your favorite flannel with a cheetah scarf)
  • Tie-dye + floral (try: a cropped tie-dye tank with high-waisted floral shorts)
  • Striped + tribal (try: a striped tank and a tribal print skirt)


Now I know you can’t wait to get to your closet, so go get mixing!

Where to find:

Striped top     Floral skirt     Chevron & gingham     Cropped flannel     Leopard scarf     Tie-dye top     Floral shorts     Striped tank     Tribal skirt

(image sources, clockwise from top left: cupcakes and cashmere, pinterest, a little dash of darling,, roost, fashion salade)

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