Dare to Wear: Leather Leggings


It’s almost time to put away your bikinis and pull out your boots, because autumn is right around the corner. Fall is my absolute favorite season — that first chilly day when you can finally wear the Topshop blazer you bought in July, going out of your way to step on that crunchy leaf with your Fryes, your first pumpkin spice latte…. I could go on. Every fall, there are dozens of refreshing new trends; some that you can’t wait to try, others that kind of terrify you. I’ll admit, when studs were introduced several Septembers ago, I was a little intimidated to test it out. Now I rock spikes on my bag, shoes, and even bralettes.

This fall, the style I can’t wait to try is leather leggings. A few years back, this was a major fashion faux pas, but now catwoman pants are quickly making their way back up to the A-list. Leather pants have made their comeback in thinner, more comfortable styles, so you don’t have to worry about repeating Ross’s notorious leather pants disaster on Friends. This fall fashion still may terrify you, but I’m here to tell you why it shouldn’t.


Leather leggings can be donned with heels or flats, to the bar or to lunch & shopping with your girlfriends. They can be paired with a sweet, girlie peplum top to offset the badass vibe of the pants, or you could go full rockstar and wear them with a biker jacket. Not only are they effortlessly high-fashion, but they also make your legs look glorious. Sold.

Do you dare to wear this fearless fad?


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(image source: Pinterest)

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