What’s in My Bag?

Today’s bag belongs to a close friend — as well as one of my biggest style inspirations — Lindsay. Also a Charleston resident, Lindsay has one of the best senses of style I’ve ever seen. I’m sure this fearless fashionista will be the star of many looks of the day to come, but for now, you just get a sneak peek into her handbag.

When it comes to her to-go essentials, Lindsay stays prepared for whatever her day might throw at her. Everything from her necessary technology items, to mid-day snacks, to makeup staples, her Kate Spade shoulder bag carries it all.

When Lindsay began pulling out these odds and ends, it was a little reminiscent of Mary Poppins and her magical, endless bag. So what other must-haves does my BFF keep at her fingertips, aside from emergency saltwater taffy (a true beach girl) and beautiful barrettes?

mary poppins bag

1. Nivea Lip Balm. “I’m obsessed with any olive oil beauty product right now – it just smells so good!”

2. Neutrogena Sunscreen. “I’m afraid of getting wrinkles and it’s always so sunny down here, so this is a necessity,” she says.

3. Mini Emergency Kit. “You always need a beauty savior when you least expect it. It has a little sewing kit, a nail file, bobby pins, breath mints, and so much more. Every girl should have one of these.”

4. Sephora Lipstick. “Nude lips are my absolute favorite. This lipstick has seen better days; I use it all the time.”

5. Lavender EO Hand Sanitizer Spray. “I got this little gem from Whole Foods – it keeps my hands clean during a busy day while also smelling incredible.”

Want to share what’s in your bag? Email me at topknotspolkadots@gmail.com!

(image source: tumblr)

6 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag?

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  2. Clique iPhone case is missing from this bag. Let me know if we can do a product review of our products, we can also do a contest with our products in your blog.

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