A Few of My Favorite Things: Essie Nail Polish

Although I’ve only written a handful of “favorite things” posts, it still felt wrong that Essie nail polish had not yet been featured. Along with millions of others worldwide, I’ve become a chronic collector of this beloved lacquer — and for good reason.

Not only does Essie debut an irresistible new color collection every season, but this iconic beauty brand also offers nail care products, sleek stick nail appliqués, and even magnetic effect nail polish. If you walk into any drugstore or beauty supplier, the alluring Essie display will immediately suck you in and before you know it, you’ll be carrying 6 bottles up to the counter. Wait, that happens to everyone, right?

The new fall 2013 color palette, inspired by luxurious textiles, is ideal for a chic autumn mani. These captivating colors take their cues “from rich flannels, sumptuous knits, hints of lace and ultra-fine silk twill,” according to our favorite princess of polish, Essie. Check out the new collection below!


Similar to my shameless attraction to pretty product labels, I’m also a huge sucker for nail polish names. Essie gets me every time with her cute, playful puns that I can never resist. The colors in the fall collection include: for the twill of it, twin sweater set, the lace is on, after school boy blazer, vested interest, and cashmere bathrobe. My favorite hue in the collection is twin sweater set, a vibrant crimson red that will convert even the most loyal sun worshippers into fall fashionistas longing for scarf weather.

What are my other favorites, you may ask? Because you all care, I have narrowed down that very long list into my 12 must-haves, arranged appropriately below.

(From the left top of the heart to the right):

  1. Watermelon: the perfect hot pink for the summer {love this on my toes}.
  2. Lilacism: super pretty, subtle & smooth.
  3. Mademoiselle: my absolute favorite natural-looking nail {perfect for an interview}.
  4. Midnight Cami: a slightly shimmery navy blue {ideal for a winter mani}.
  5. Chinchilly: another neutral-toned staple.
  6. Turquoise & Caicos: my favorite tropical aqua {go-to hue for vacation}.
  7. Clambake: nantucked-approved red-orange {rivals OPI’s cajun shrimp}.
  8. Cute as a Button: as the name suggests, the world’s cutest pink.
  9. Penny Talk: rose gold metallic perfection {imagine your Michael Kors watch in nail polish form}.
  10. Tart Deco: my all-time favorite peachy coral.
  11. Bikini So Teeny: possibly the best polish name, a cornflower blue staple.
  12. Wrapped in Rubies: a rich burgundy with subtle flecks of gold {the ideal winter pedi}.

What are your favorite Essie colors?

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(image source: facebook, google)

20 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Essie Nail Polish

  1. Brilliant post! I like the sound of all your favourites 😀
    I only own one Essie polish, bought in a hurry when I needed something to cover up chipped polish on the way to an event – bright blue (Mesmerise, I think?). I haven’t worn it since!

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  4. I know you wrote this post months ago, but I saw all the pretty polishes in a list on the side of the page and I just had to comment. I am in love with Essie nail polishes, too! Clambake was my first bottle I ever bought and I love it! I recently bought After School Boy Blazer because bloggers just raved about it and I wanted to try something different (I’m usually a pink/red polish girl). I like it, but Clambake is my favorite!

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