Fashion 101: Peplum

One of the trends that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this season is peplum. Although this flouncy fad has remained all over the runway as well as the hallway, some of us still aren’t sure just how to pull it off. I’m here to tell everyone that you (yes you!) can pull off peplum, and how to do it right.

I’ll admit, it did take me a while to get on the peplum bandwagon. I just couldn’t get it out of my head that the girlie peplum top I had just purchased looked like a little girl’s dress. I also have the super-original female complex that I have wide hips, and thought this trend would accentuate that. On the contrary, peplum pieces highlight your curves in an extremely flattering way — if you wear them correctly, that is.

There are only a couple guidelines to follow in order to execute this trend:

  1. Choose your piece: do you want to dip a toe in the peplum pool or do a cannonball? If you want to rock this trend full-force, go for a structured peplum top or skirt. If you’re going for a more subtle look, try a cottony sweater or jacket.
  2. Streamline your figure: to let this trend work to its full potential, wear clothes that fit! There’s nothing more unflattering than a peplum top and boyfriend jeans; make sure your peplum piece fits correctly as well as the other items of clothing in your ensemble.
  3. Keep the rest simple: peplum is a serious statement by itself, so no need to pile on the accessories or have a lot going on elsewhere.

When you’ve decided what path you’d like to take, whether it’s a top, skirt, or outerwear, check out the looks below. The first outfit, beginning with a printed peplum tank, is more of a “cannonball” into this trend. Paired with plum skinnies, black ankle boots, and a tortoise necklace, this look is probably the most daring of the three. The second outfit, slightly more subtle, is centered around a black peplum skirt. Although this skirt might often be considered a nighttime piece, I paired it with a basic striped top, jean jacket, brown boots, and a colorful necklace for a more daytime-appropriate ensemble. For those of you who just want to test out the waters, try the peplum utility jacket in the third outfit. I paired this jacket with some fun printed pants, navy flats, and a green circle scarf for some color. Which outfit do you like the best?

peplum 2

So, who’s finally ready to try peplum? If you use your TK & PD Fashion 101 knowledge to try out a trend, don’t forget to email me pictures at!

Where to find:

1. Peplum top   Plum pants   Ankle boots   Tortoise necklace
2. Peplum skirt   Striped shirt   Jean jacket   Frye boots   Bib necklace
3. Peplum jacket   Printed pants   Navy flats   Circle scarf

(image source: shopbop,,

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