Product Review: Phillip Lim for Target

This past Sunday, fashionistas flocked outside the entrance of Target, impatiently waiting to feast their eyes on what Phillip Lim had constructed for the budget-conscious babes. I, too, excitedly entered my favorite superstore to check out this highly anticipated selection — only to be slightly disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, this line is very chic and affordable; I was just expecting a little more. After seeing the ubiquitous advertisements, lookbooks, and magazine articles, I expected to fill my basket to the brim and wrestle a soccer mom for the last small blazer. But that’s the thing about hype — it kind of sets people up for disappointment. I did immediately see the adorable pieces showcased in magazines that I had mentally pinned over the summer, but the rest of the collection kind of…fizzled.

Out of 5 stars, I give Phillip Lim for Target a 3. They are lovely pieces, but Lim played it way too safe. Keep in mind, this is merely an objective product review — and I admit there are a few items that I love — but overall, I was very underwhelmed by this line. Among my few favorites in this pretty yet boring collection are: the sparkle peplum tank, silky animal print skirt, and leather-trimmed dress. As for the pieces I wasn’t really feeling — a truly bizarre “sweater dress,” awkward pullover, and a blouse fit for a pilgrim. Check out the breakdown below.

Especially after seeing Lim’s stunning spring 2014 collection at NYFW, I know he could have done better to help out the struggling 22 year-olds of the world (me) who want/need affordable designer clothes. To check out 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target for yourself, click here!

(image source: target,

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