Steal of the Week: Military Dress

So I realize I usually write these posts on Mondays, but both W’s family as well as mine have been visiting, so I may be a little absent until next week! Because I’ve been so MIA, I made this week’s steal, like, really good. This chic hunter green military dress can be worn for work or play, and guess what? It’s not even twenty bucks.

Clocking in at merely $18.88, aka the world’s most random price, this frock can be purchased at WALMART — gasp! You may immediately dismiss this piece because of where it’s from (your loss), but it’s actually pretty well made and just pretty in general. It even comes in two other colors if green isn’t your thing. To buy this now, click here!

Need some assistance styling this darling dress? As always, I’m here to help.

To go along with the military vibe, I paired the dress with some brown lace up ankle booties. To add to the chicness of this piece, I chose a leopard print scarf, gold jewelry, a luxe shoulder bag with gold hardware, oversized sunglasses, and plum nail polish. Last but not least, I just love how a good denim jacket looks with this ensemble. If you’re lucky and can find one with elbow patches (I still haven’t!), that would be the cherry on top of this cool & casual autumn outfit.

What would you wear with this week’s steal?

Where to find:   ankle boot   leopard scarf   monogram necklace   gold bangles   cushion studs   shoulder bag   oversized sunnies   plum polish   denim jacket

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