Weekend Snapshots

{ homemade banana pumpkin bread from scratch just in time for my dad’s charleston visit! }

{ anyone else feel like more often than not, my weekend snapshots are of bloody marys? }

{ morgan creek grill oyster roast with my fam + my man. }

{ perhaps the hardest oysters i’ve ever opened, but by far the most delicious. }

{ discovered the s’mores + firepit setup just in time to make one thousand of them. }

{ s’mores + lobster shoes at the oyster roast. }

{ sunday morning brunch @ okra grill with my peeps. }

{ arm party bling that was too pretty not to photograph. }

{ little monday morning trip to the thieves market — aka a shabby chic barn full of fun old things. }

{ celebrating monday morning on the beach with my sister/BFF of 22 years. }

{ hope my daddy had a fun trip down here, it’s not easy being 500 miles away from him. }

Please excuse my tardiness and three day weekend! All my visitors are gone, and I have about 230483049248 things on my “to blog” list — so get ready!

What did you do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. I really enjoyed this post which I want to thank you for. I needed something to distract me from my itchy eye (allergies).
    Your world is very different from mine and I think that made it even more interesting! I am not a sea food lover. Though I currently live in Thailand (after living in Barcelona) but I grew up in a small country that has no seas or oceans surrounding it. When I was a kid I ate canned sardines and occasionally caviar (probably imported from Russia).
    But I am a fan of home-baked cakes! I can see myself tasting your banana pumpkin bread and then asking for seconds, thirds… HAHA
    I really like the picture of you and your sister. Does she live near by? Great that she is your best friend!
    Do you often go to the beach?
    I would borrow your shirt dress without thinking! -that is a compliment. HAHA
    I saw this look in a blog wearing watches with bracelets. I don’t owe any of these but I like playfulness in fashion. This I would try out. It might not work out well with my baby because last week I even managed to scratch him with my fancy belt. (He is mostly without clothes since it is always hot here.) Anyways, nice!
    Did you see anything eye catching at the thieves market? Is that like a flea market?

    xoxo, Eszter

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