How Do I Wear My… Leather Shorts

Leather is everywhere right now. From pants, leggings & shorts to paneling on sweaters and jackets, it has become one of the hugest trends of the season. Although it’s not too hard to find a good leather item in stores, it can be much more difficult to figure out what to wear with it.

I received a comment on my last How Do I Wear My… post from a friend of mine, Katy, who bought some high waisted leather shorts on a whim before realizing she had no idea how to wear them. Her BDG vegan leather shorts from Urban Outfitters are incredibly cute, not to mention majorly on sale right now! To grab a pair of your own, click here!

Even though Urban Outfitters was SUPER helpful in styling these shorts, I don’t really see Katy (or anyone) rocking these shorts with a crop top and white platform sneakers. Katy’s style is classic, cool, and laid-back, so I kept that in mind when composing the outfits below. Check out what I came up with!

These shorts can be worn both day and night, but are probably a little easier to style for a night out. Therefore, I created two daytime outfits and only one nighttime outfit (middle). If it’s extra chilly, any of these outfits can be worn with tights — now these shorts can even last until the holidays (especially that last look).

The first outfit dresses down the shorts a little with this gray tee, but also complements the glamorous feel of leather with the sequin detailing. For a little color, I paired a plum cardigan on top. To finish off the outfit, I chose foldover boots with plaid trim and some cat eye sunglasses because they look awesome on Katy.

For the second outfit, I picked a cobalt peplum top (I love how this blue hue looks with leather) and a crisp white blazer on top. To top it off, throw on some simple black ankle booties and a colorful necklace.

The third outfit really dresses down the shorts with a cable-knit sweater, cozy plaid scarf, and leopard loafers. Okay okay, I know I pair these loafers with pretty much everything, but that’s because they go with pretty much everything. If you don’t have a pair, invest in one now! To complete this outfit, I chose black wayfarer sunnies to go along with the cool vibe of the shorts.

What do you think of these looks? If you need help styling a piece, I’m here to help. Just email me at!

Where to find:

  1. sequin tee   plum cardigan   foldover boots   cat eye sunnies
  2. peplum top   white jacket   ankle booties   bib necklace
  3. cable-knit sweater   plaid scarf   leopard loafers   wayfarer sunnies

(image source: pinterest,,

21 thoughts on “How Do I Wear My… Leather Shorts

  1. I love the third outfit you’ve styled – very cool, could be worn almost anywhere plus I’m a sucker for leopard-print anything!

  2. Chloe, you’re an angel! These are amazing thank you so much! I can’t even pick a favorite look, they are all completely my style. I can’t wait to wear my shorts this weekend!

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