Color of the Moment: Cobalt

As the weather cools down, the color palette of fall fashion follows suit. One of my favorite chilly colors of the season, cobalt, is taking over faster than sweater weather. This regal tone of deep blue can be worn literally head to toe — everything from cobalt eyeliner to shoes can be rocked with ease. Another “cool” thing (pun intended) about this color is that it can transition into winter as well. Forget about boring warm winter clothes — incorporating cobalt into your wardrobe will keep your looking fabulous even on snow days, you little ice princess.

If you’re wondering how to wear cobalt, you can probably guess that I’ll fill you in. The first (and most obvious) colors to wear with cobalt are black and white. This color combo is also everywhere this season, so it makes sense that the popular trends will hang out together. Cobalt seriously pops against black + white — for example, a cobalt necklace with a black + white striped top — hello, perfection. Also, don’t feel like you have to wear this blue hue with both black + white; cobalt often looks its best when simply paired with a crisp white shirt or glossy black nails. Cobalt also looks amazing with cranberry. Red looks cute sometimes but can often turn you into an american flag; instead, opt for a more pinky-red to avoid this patriotic faux pas. Lastly, you definitely want to try the dreamy combination of cobalt and turquoise (top right, above). However, it can come off a little summery, so you may want to make the move towards a turquoise scarf to pair with your cobalt skinnies to stay seasonally-appropriate. Cobalt also looks glorious with camel, hot pink, mustard, navy, and plum — the list goes on and on.

I mentioned above that this frosty tint has a very regal vibe (I think I just figured out why they call it royal blue) — therefore, it also looks marvelous when paired with luxe prints, textiles, and accessories. Think sequins, animal prints, gold jewelry & hardware, colorful gem baubles, silk & velvet, suede, and patent leather. These items can either be cobalt-colored or paired with anything cobalt; it will easily make a good outfit great, trust me.
Although all of the pieces above can be mixed & matched, they are arranged into three outfits for the most part:

  1. Perhaps the most office-appropriate of the three choices, this look makes use of some adorable cobalt skinnies. Because I love the look of white + cobalt, I paired the jeans with a crisp white peplum top. To incorporate cranberry into the outfit as a pop of color, layer a cranberry sweater on top. To finish off the outfit, slip into some leopard flats with gold hardware, cobalt + turquoise gem earrings, and a gold chain link watch.
  2. For a night out, try some cobalt ankle booties paired with the fierce combo of black + white stripes. I absolutely love how these boots pop against the stripes in this long-sleeved dress. For a polished yet chic look, layer on a structured white blazer and a colorful bib necklace.
  3. To emanate a mermaid for the day, try the pleated maxi skirt look of the third outfit. For the luxe effect we talked about, try pairing the skirt with a cropped sequin top; the combination is magical. To incorporate turquoise into the equation, throw on a blue-green infinity scarf. To top off this impossibly cool outfit, strap on some simple platform heels, gold jewelry, and wayfarers.
  4. Miscellaneous: eyeliner, crossbody bag, nail lacquer, cocktail ring.

How would you wear this color of the moment?

Where to find:

  1. cobalt skinnies   peplum top   cranberry cardigan   leopard flats   gem earrings   gold watch
  2. cobalt booties   striped dress   white blazer   bib necklace
  3. cobalt maxi   sequin top   turquoise scarf   platform pumps   wayfarer sunnies
  4. cobalt eyeliner   cobalt crossbody   cobalt polish   cobalt ring

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11 thoughts on “Color of the Moment: Cobalt

  1. I love cobalt for fall! Cobalt and black and white, and also cobalt and tan/cognac are two of my favorite combos. I really need more of it in my wardrobe.


  2. I love the unexpectedness of cobalt with cranberry/burgundy – it’s not an obvious pairing but it really works. I also like to wear cobalt with mustard for a similar effect.

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