Weekend Snapshots

{ shared the following with my sister @ five loaves: chipotle pumpkin soup, mussels, goat cheese gnocchi + wine of course. food porn. }

{ couldn’t resist taking a creepy selfie with the man who inspired the movie “catch me if you can” — caught ya. now where’s leo? }

{ late night baking — chocolate layer cake for w’s big 24th. }

{ took this crazy / amazing photo completely by accident — hope that didn’t burn the rug! }

{ in my baking spree, i couldn’t resist making cupcakes for w’s little soccer team to eat after their saturday morning game. }

{ selfie saturday, complete with seatbelt. }

{ yes, these are pumpkin spice hershey kisses. gamechanger. }

{ hadn’t gone to chipotle since summer, so naturally that was our first stop when venturing to north charleston. }

{ little shopping trip at the cheesy outlet mall — always good for finding some cheap treasures. }

{ found my happy place sunday evening. }

Just realized this weekend’s snapshots make me look kind of obese. Diet starts…tomorrow?

Who ate more than I did this weekend? Hope everyone had fun!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. I met Frank Abagnale at a financial planning conference a few years ago, and he’s basically a genius. He talked about what the movie got right, what was embellished and so on. He credited his wife with changing his life and marring her as the best decision he’s ever made – very sweet. Apparently his family had been living in Charleston/SC for years while he commutes to DC for work. Very cool that you saw him out and about!

  2. very sweet of you to make cupcakes for the soccer team…Happy Belated Birthday to Will … cool pics, thanks xxoo

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