What’s in My Bag?

Today’s bag belongs to one of the most important people in my life, my sister, Jordan. Jordan has been and will continue to be the star of my blog posts because she has a wonderful sense of style and design, not to mention she’s the reason I moved to Charleston! I decided to photograph her bag at work during her lunch break — her weekend satchel would have been too much of a wild card. Only half kidding, but I did choose her mint green Anthropologie work bag to give y’all a peek inside the world of an organized & successful manager of a downtown Charleston store.

My sister is seven years older than I am — although you’d never know it because of how close we are — the only difference is that she totally has it together. Jordan’s bag reflects a few things: how organized she is, her cool grown-up life, and how she stays prepared for the day’s curveballs. So what does this southern belle keep in tow, other than every girl’s essential: a cute wallet, iPod, and iPhone?

1. Moleskine Notebook & Paper Source Planner. “I’m always jotting down ideas and lists in my Moleskine,” she says. “And even though I also use google calendar, there’s just something about organizing your schedule on paper.”

2. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. “This spray not only smells good but also is a great midday pick up and face refresher!”

3. Kiehl’s Coconut Lip Balm. “Obsessed with the light smell of this Kiehl’s gloss — it makes my lips ohso smooth,” Jordan says.

4. Paint Swatches. “I’m kind of having commitment issues with painting my living room so I keep these on hand to ponder,” she explains.

5. Chanel Sunglasses. “Love these classic sunnies. Expensive, yes, but I treat them like a baby and have had them forever!”

Want to share a peek into your bag? Email me at topknotspolkadots@gmail.com!

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