Last Minute Gift Ideas

For those of us who have put off Christmas shopping until the last minute (me), you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need some stocking stuffers for your sig other or a white elephant gift for your BFF’s party, I’ve got you covered. f09e92256f13aacf06250f3dd3a02c98
Gift Ideas

  1. Minimergency Kit: This isn’t something most people buy for themselves, but it’s something every girl needs. Inside that tiny pouch, you’ll find a needle & thread, deodorant, lip balm, a tampon, and numerous other life savers.
  2. Gold, Glittery & Leopard: Your BFF/sister/coworker will absolutely love a gold monogram necklace, a cute Kate Spade iPhone case, a leopard clutch, and glittery flats. Guaranteed.
  3. Beauty/Hair Products: You can never go wrong with a gift pack of eos, Essie, and no-crease hair ties.
  4. Clothes & Stuff: This H&M star sweater will be your BFF’s new wardrobe staple, those adorable jammies will keep her cozy on Christmas morning, and the 5-pack of panties will last forever.

eos gift pack   |   monogram necklace   |   minimergency kit   |   iPhone case   |   star sweater   |   calf hair pouch   |   glitter flats   |   hair ties   |   essie holiday set   |   panties pack   |   flannel pjs

Gift Ideas

  1. Entertainment: Video games such as Grand Theft Auto V & Call of Duty Ghosts, Breaking Bad seasons on DVD, boy movies like Die Hard, boy books like Game of Thrones, and tickets to see his fave band, comedian, or play will score you major points in the thoughtful gf/wife department.
  2. Grooming & Gadgets: Things your guy needs but doesn’t think to buy for himself are always a good bet. This includes a nice electric shaver, a swiss army knife (bonus: great for when you break a nail), and a classic cologne like Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio — cologne gets a bad rap for being a boring gift, but this stuff smells so good that it’s basically a gift for you too.
  3. Clothes & Stuff: Cozy socks/slippers, a nice tie, and a good pair of leather gloves are always a good idea; they’re timeless and will last for years to come.

video games   |   electric shaver   |   charcoal socks   |   breaking bad   |   die hard   |    slippers   |   plaid tie   |    swiss army knife   |   concert tickets   |   leather gloves   |   game of thrones books   |   giorgio armani cologne

What are you getting your favorite peeps for Christmas? Did you procrastinate shopping like I did?

(image source: pinterest)

11 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. That minimergency kit is such a great idea!

    And for the boys (or the girls ;)), the Game of Thrones books would be my #1 book pick, to be honest. I’ve read the entire series so far and loved it, and seeing how popular the TV show has been, the books are sure to delight a fan!

  2. This is the CUTEST gift guide! I had the Kate Spade case on my Christmas list, but my mom informed me it’s a 5 case and I have a 4 😦 . I always love seeing gift guides for guys because it’s so hard getting something fun each year. Loving the concert ticket idea!

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