A Few of My Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

Hype for coconut oil has hit an all time high, and I totally get it. With countless uses from the kitchen to your cosmetic cabinet, I’m pretty sure you will too.

Food Substitutions
Though once dismissed for its high fat content, we now know this is the good kind of fat — the kind often linked to weight loss. To add this beneficial oil to your diet, try substituting it where you normally use cooking oil, butter, or even coffee creamer. Because coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, your body metabolizes it quickly — it also acts as a blood sugar stabilizer and disease fighter! So give your latte a tropical twist, drizzle it on your popcorn, or use it in the cupcakes you’re making for your BFF’s birthday . Hellooo, bikini bod.

Beauty Benefits
I first started to use coconut oil as makeup remover — which works like a charm btw — but now I literally use it all over (TMI?). Face & body moisturizer, split end serum, lip balm, you name it. I’ve also read about less glamorous uses, like insect repellent, deodorant, and dandruff relief. Bonus: you’ll smell like you just got back from an exotic vacation.

My favorite oil is the organic virgin coconut oil from Trader Joe’s (pictured above). It’s only $5.99 for a big jar aka it lasts forever — I’ve had mine for a few months now and it doesn’t even look like I’ve used any. Sold yet? Head on over to Trader Joe’s or order a jar from amazon here.

What are your favorite uses for coconut oil?

(image source: traderjoes.com)

7 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

  1. Oh my god, I have about 15 of these emptied that I need to accept I’m never going to reuse and recycle them. I bought this a few summers ago for my splitting ends. My hair dresser said it was cheap magic. And she was right! AND then I started using it on my feet, that really rough spots from all the shooz. And then I started feeding it to my doggie. It helps his hairs be really shiny, reduce his dandruff in the dry winters and his digestion! And then he licks me when I put it on my dry elbows or knees. 🙂 Bonus!
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  2. I’ve used coconut oil before in the past as a hair mask, butter replacement..just recently noticed the $5.99 jar at Trader Joe’s myself, and it is just as great as the more expensive stuff! I use it now in sugar scrubs, hair masks, heat protectant for styling hair, and it even helps with dry cracked hands in the winter..amazing to have on hand!

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