Color of the Moment: Emerald

Although emerald was dubbed 2013’s Color of the Year by Pantone, I’m still craving it well into 2014. It all started when I incorporated it into all my holiday outfits — then I never looked back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with this year’s color, radiant orchid, but there’s something about this luxe jewel tone that I can’t steer away from. It could be that emerald is a perfect winter weather hue, or that it can be rocked on clothes, makeup, and jewelry — but making it my Color of the Moment was a no brainer.

Emerald can be paired with countless colors, but one of my favorites in particular is gold — the combination of emerald + gold is just so luxurious and regal. You can also never go wrong with emerald + leopard. If you’re feeling extra sassy, try pairing all three! Check out some of my favorite looks below.Fotor1203140622
So who’s still craving more emerald with me? Radiant orchid is great and all, but I’m just not quite finished with this rich, royal tint — 2013 like just ended though so it’s okay. Right?

Take a look at some of my favorite emerald pieces below!8d93b768ae4585459e79cc446d3f06a6
lace frock   |   circle scarf   |   drop earrings   |   emerald watch   |   stone ring   |   envelope clutch   |   iPhone case   |   nail lacquer   |   camp sweater   |   skinny jeans   |   d’orsay flats

(image source:,,,,, pinterest)

4 thoughts on “Color of the Moment: Emerald

  1. So glad I found another emerald lover! I feel the EXACT way about emerald! I like radiant orchid and everything, but it doesn’t come close in my opinion. It’s also my birthstone, so that might have something to do with it 😉

  2. This is by far my favorite color right now! I love this post 🙂 Its always nice to find other fashion lovers in Charleston!


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