A Few of My Favorite Things: Bobbi Brown Blush

This Bobbi Brown blush in apricot is a serious gamechanger. Whether you haven’t found your soulmate blush yet or you *think* you already have a favorite — you need to buy this ASAP. This pretty powder blush in apricot (key factor) is the best I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.

I can’t speak for all of the other colors in the collection, but this matte peachy-pink looks gorgeous on pretty much any skin tone, and works on your tan summer skin as well as snow-white winter skin (me right now). Usually I have to switch out my blush color depending on the season, but not with apricot and her unconditional love. Fair-weather friends blushes, be gone.

If you’re usually a drugstore makeup gal (some of my most treasured beauty products are from Target — I get it), let me just tell you, this product is totally worth the extra dolla billz. My first BBB (Bobbi Brown Blush, obvi) took me like 2 years to finish — no joke. You only need to press down your brush into the powder (no swishing & swirling required) and that’s usually enough for a quick sweep across your cheeks. The silky pigment is just so vivid and luxe that that’s all you need to last all day. To put it in mathematical terms, you probably go through 3-4 Maybelline blushes in the time it takes you to finish just 1 BBB.

Ready to join the cult? Click here to make the purchie!

(image source: ayelined.com)

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