What To Wear On St. Patty’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the next holiday on our radar is St. Patrick’s Day. Since I got such awesome feedback on my What To Wear On Valentine’s Day post, I decided to make another one for everyone’s favorite (only?) Irish holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is great because there are a million shades of green, so pretty much everyone looks good in it and you have tons of options for your outfit. So whether you’re day drinking or pub crawling, I’m here to help you avoid getting pinched on the only day it’s not a life-threatening health hazard to drink green beer.

Day Drinking in Nice Weather
If you’re lucky, or live in California or something, the weather will be sunny, 75+, and perfect for day drinking. If this is the case, break out your favorite jean shorts, springiest dress, or the adorable warm-weather look I chose above. I went with a floral bralette and emerald green skater skirt — and if you say you can’t “pull off” this trend, think again. The crop top/high-waisted combo shows off the smallest part of you in a super flattering way, not to mention it’s ideal for a hot day of outdoor drinking games. To top off the outfit, I picked some cuffed sandals, tortoiseshell sunnies, shamrock studs, a gold beaded clutch, and coral nail polish.

Day Drinking in Not-So-Nice Weather
You’ve been keeping a watchful eye on March 17th since it was visible in the 10-day weather forecast, knowing your plans/outfit/life will revolve around your fickle frenemy, Mother Nature. Of course, after all your diligent refreshing of weather.com, you get stuck with 53 degrees and an 80% chance of rain. But don’t cancel your March Madness-rivaling backyard beer pong tournament yet, I have a solution. This outfit revolves around Hunter boots — I mean, you’re a girl and it’s raining there’s a chance of rain, what are you, new? For the rest of the look, I opted for a navy striped linen top, skinny jeans, and a colorful printed circle scarf. To top it off, a tan crossbody bag, some Tory studs, a trusty MK watch, the CUTEST ring I’ve ever seen (yes that is a tiny wooden heart), and green nail polish, of course. Don’t forget your water-resistant anorak & umbrella (and lots and lots of alcohol)!

Pub Crawling/Night At The Bar
Still considered day drinking, a pub crawl is another good option for your St. Patrick’s Day plan. If this day of crawling turns into a night at the bars, the outfit above will transition flawlessly. I chose a white twist back top, emerald skinny jeans, and ridiculously cute Jeffrey Campbell booties to start the outfit off on the right foot (har har). To accessorize, I picked a SaSsY statement necklace, a tan clutch, gold glitter polish, and a pretty pink pout. As for the bracelets, I’m obsessed with Alex and Ani charm bangles — in fact, they might just be on their way to a Favorite Things post. For the charms, I went with a little gold clover and a silver knot that looks Irish…? (Someone verify?)

Which one is your favorite?

Don’t forget these! (Pack of 6 for 2 dolla hollaaaa)

Where to find:
crop top   |   skater skirt (okay fine it’s a dress but why are green skater skirts so hard to find?!)   |   cuffed sandals   |   tortoiseshell sunnies   |   clover studs   |   beaded clutch   |   nail lacquer

hunter boots   |   linen top   |   skinny jean   |   circle scarf   |   crossbody bag   |   navy studs   |   heart ring   |   gold watch   |   nail lacquer

twist top   |   green skinnies   |   ankle boots   |   tan clutch   |   bib necklace   |   nail lacquer   |   chubby stick   |   clover bangle   |   knot bangle

(image source: someecards.com)

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