A Few of My Favorite Things: Too Faced Bulletproof Brows

A few months ago, I had a dream where I told someone “eyebrows are the new eyelashes” — while this most likely will never be true, the bold brow trend is totally sweeping the nation. Even if you think your brows are just fine without a defining pencil or powder, a little improvement is never a bad thing right?

If you’re on board with brow definition, the next issue is finding the right powder or pencil — and even more importantly, in the correct color. I recently stumbled upon Too Faced Bulletproof Brows, and it is life-altering. Forget about choosing between powder or pencil; this brow definer is powder, pencil, gel, and setting wax all combined in one cute little compact. Not only that, it comes with a dual-sided angled/spooley brush to ensure perfect brows every time.
This miracle worker comes in two super flattering colors, Universal Taupe and Universal Brunette (pictured above). The taupe color is perfect for all blondes as well as medium brunettes, while the darker hue is ideal for dark brown to black hair. These tints are just subtle enough so that you won’t look like a drag queen, which can be a huge problem with brow definers.

Don’t believe me yet? Check out the before & after photos below. Like I said, it’s a pretty subtle change — but that’s what you want! In the first pic, my brow looks a little sparse and uneven; in the second pic it’s much fuller, a bit darker, and more shapely. What do you think?
To apply, first use the spooley end of the brush to get everything in place. Then get a little bit of the definer on the angled end of the brush and apply in small strokes, following your natural brow shape. In about a minute, your brows are fuller, bolder, and won’t be going anywhere for 24 hours.

To pick up your own Bulletproof Brows, click here!

(image source: sephora.com)

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