Quote of the Day + Big News!

When I started my blog back in August, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to purchase a “.com” domain. I decided that I’d wait a couple months to see if I was even still into the blog. Six months later, turns out I was. I went to register my domain, and guess what — it was taken. I got one of my computer genius friends (hi Bryan!) to do a little investigating to see who the heck STOLE my domain, and he got all of her info in minutes. Creepy? Maybe — but I obviously emailed her right away, trying desperately to snag my domain back. Long story short, after a few weeks of confusion and lost emails, the sweet girl who owned the blog transferred it over to yours truly! So my big news is (drumroll please)…you can now find me at http://www.topknotsandpolkadots.com!

Now that I have my domain, I finally ordered business cards for my blog. It got a little old writing down my blog name on scratch paper at events, so now I’ll be able to carry these little cuties with me everywhere I go! Check out the front & back of my new cards below!
Business_Card1 Business_Card2
I’m SO excited you guys — my little idea is actually becoming a real blog! I have so many plans for my new site and I can’t wait to share them with y’all. Thank you so much to my followers for being so sweet, inspiring, and supportive!

xx Chloe

(image source: pinterest)

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