Father’s Day Gift Guide {Under $100!}

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching on June 15, so it’s probably time to start thinking about a gift. For some, Father’s Day present ideas might come to mind a little more easily than Mother’s Day Gifts; for others, it might be a little bit harder. For me, both of my parents are equally hard to shop for — but I think that’s just because I’m a really nice daughter who wants to find the most perfect gift. I’ve curated a gift guide full of items that come to mind when I think of my own father, but I’m hoping it will help get your own creative juices flowing.
Gift Ideas (all under $100!):

  1. Netflix – It took me until last Christmas to realize my dad didn’t have Netflix, and was missing out on some major binge-watching opportunities. My sister and I bought him a 6 month subscription of streaming Netflix (along with a TV show/movie suggestion guide!) and he was supa into it.
  2. Watch – Whenever I don’t know what to buy for a guy, my go-to is a nice watch.
  3. Leather Wallet – See above comment.
  4. Moccasin Slippers – If your dad doesn’t have a good pair of slippers, grab him a pair of these cozy Minnetonkas.
  5. Google Chromecast – This handy little tool makes a great gift. It’s only around $30, and he can use it to stream anything from the internet onto his TV — YouTube videos, Netflix, HuluPlus, etc. If you’re feeling generous, this would be a good gift to go hand-in-hand with the streaming Netflix membership.
  6. PJ Pants – Another classic go-to. These babies are on sale for only $8!
  7. OtterBox iPhone Case – My dad just got an iPhone (pigs are also flying), and I worry that he’ll think it has the same brute strength as his ancient artifact flip-phone did. If you have the same concerns, spring for an OtterBox for your pops.
  8. Socks – Again, when in doubt, I buy socks. It sounds like a lame gift but every time I ask my dad what he wants for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day, he tells me he’s in need of a few new pairs. So every couple years, I throw socks into the mix.
  9. Swiss Army Knife – If your dad is the DIY kind like mine is, he’s always working on some little project or is in need of some sort of tool. Plus, you never know when you’re going to need to open a beer or wine bottle.
  10. Retro Sunglasses – My old man is pretty hip and still has his awesome vintage Ray Ban Clubmasters from 400 years ago (aka the ’70s), but since your dad probably isn’t as cool as mine, you should get him a pair of these. It will instantly boost his cool factor.

My dad isn’t really the type to want a fancy flask or car accessory, so I left those out of my list. Like I think he’d probably laugh in my face if I got him cologne. And hey, if all else fails, I’m pretty sure anyone’s dad would be happy with this….
What are you getting Dad this year?

(image source: etsy.com, livelaughrowe.com)

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide {Under $100!}

  1. Groupon the other day had a great deal for wineinsiders.com, for $25 you get to spend $75 on their site. They had really good gift assortments (i.e. three bottle of white, three of red, etc.).

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