What To Wear On July 4th

The 4th of July is THIS weekend, people, so it’s definitely not too soon to be planning your outfit(s). Similar to your Memorial Day ensemble, you want to look patriotic but not over-the-top, adorable yet effortless, and totally unique at the same time. Usually my WTW posts have several outfit options based on what your plans are, but I feel like we’re all pretty much on the same page for Independence Day. Day drinking in a friend’s backyard or out on the boat/beach/pool, followed by a night out — if you can wake up from your mid-afternoon Budweiser/sunburn induced coma-nap, that is.

Because we all basically do the same thing on the 4th, I created outfits based on the look you’re going for. So whether you want to wErQ a new trend, go with a classic all-American girl feel, or anything in between, I gotchu.

White Hot Trendsetter
This outfit combines a few major trends in a completely effortless, breezy way that says “oh I just threw this on in five minutes” (even if it took you 2 hours to get ready). I’m a huge sucker for the “all white everything” look, so I picked a casual white crochet halter dress and white, metal-plated sandals. Head-to-toe white is v huge for summer, as are metallics — so putting them together is pretty much magical. I topped off the outfit with blue mirrored sunnies, a floral crossbody, midi rings, and red lips. This look combines a bunch of super trendy pieces, but in a way that doesn’t look like you’re trying way too hard. It’s also just patriotic enough (but not Uncle Sam status), making it a good option for those who want to be subtly festive.

Playful & Fun
This look is perfect for a backyard BBQ with your frandz — it’s cute, trendy and fun, and not overly patriotic. I started off the look with overall shorts, which are everywhere right now, then paired them with a cropped crochet bustier and adorable red bow flats. To accessorize, I went with heart-shaped sunnies, summery lemon wedge earrings, and red nails.

Classic Americana
If you’re going for total all-American girl, this is the look for you. Throw on a vintage Coca-Cola tank, find some flag cutoffs on Etsy (or DIY your own with my quick & easy tutorial here!), then top it off with a red bandana headband, tortoiseshell clubmasters, and these trendy, white slip-on sandals. This easy outfit is ideal for day drinking, bar crawling, worn overtop of your swimsuit at a pool party — you name it. Cue Tom Petty.

Glam Firecracker

This is a great look if you’re skipping the daytime activities and want a sexier outfit for a night on the town. I found this red hot romper that’s perfect for the 4th, then paired it with nude cutout heels and a bedazzled clutch. As for accessories, I chose deep blue drop earrings, a rose gold snake ring (that I need immediately), festive nail polish, and navy blue eyeliner that will pop against the red romper amazingly.

Preppy Chic
If you’re looking to take the more classic/preppy route, I’m in love with this mismatched prints ensemble. If it looks familiar, it’s because I took a similar outfit from my Memorial Day post and amped it up with a more summertime vibe. I just can’t get enough of this chambray top and felt the need to use it again — this time with red and white striped shorts and tan wedges. To top it off, I went with good old fashioned aviators, a simple crossbody bag, nautical knot studs, a classic gold watch, and bright white nails.

Which look is your favorite? Comment below!

Where to find:
crochet dress | white sandals | blue aviators | floral crossbody | midi rings | red lipstick
overall shorts | crochet bustier | bow flats | heart sunnies | lemon earrings | nail lacquer
crop top | flag cutoffs | tortoiseshell clubmasters | red bandana | white sandals
ruffle romper | cutout heels | sequin clutch | drop earrings | snake ring | navy eyeliner | nail lacquer
chambray top | striped shorts | tan wedges | black aviatorstan crossbody | knot studs | gold watch | nail lacquer

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