Onesie Wednesday

Is this my bike? Of course not. I saw it sitting there majestically, in its mint green glory, and saw an opportunity. If that isn’t a #bloggerproblem, I don’t know what is. This playful romper just needed a cute bike to go with it, and yes, I planned on telling all of this to its owner if I was caught.



My mom is a huge Ross shopper/bargain hunter in general (which she obvi passed on to me) and I often tag along on her excursions. We made a trip there a few weeks ago when I was hungover a little under the weather, and I was so not feelin it. I complained like a four year old as I followed her through the aisles, until we came across this little number. I tried it on over my clothes because I just can’t with dressing rooms, and that was that. The brand name is “Dizzire” (classic) and it was like $10. Werd.

I wore it on a day that my nails happened to match perfectly (a rare occurrence with neon orange), so I decided to play up the matchy-matchy vibe with an aqua bangle and black sandals and sunnies. Usually I don’t like to go too matchy, but this was easy and just felt like it worked.



Romper: Dizzire from Ross | Sandals: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Earrings: Claire’s | Cuff: CUSP by Neiman Marcus | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties | Rings: Stylexchange & Forever 21 | Nails: Essie (Serial Shopper)

8 thoughts on “Onesie Wednesday

  1. I just did a post about how I wish I could wear rompers! Unfortunately, I can’t find one that fits me right. I’m 5’9″ and they either don’t cover me on top, or pull up too much on the bottom 😦 Nobody wants to see that! lol Cute blog 🙂

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