Steal of the Week: H&M Diamond Sweater

Yes, it’s only August, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been sneaking peeks at fall clothes occasionally (all the time). As many of you know, autumn is my absolute favorite season, and 82.4% of the reason for that is fall fashion. During this week’s peek at all the new arrivals for fall, this fun sweater from H&M caught my eye. It’s light enough to wear now, but will also be the perfect piece to transition into the cooler months. As if the black + white color combo wasn’t chic enough, this knit sweater also features a printed geometric diamond to give it a cool edge. Best part? It’s only $24.95. Click here to buy now!

Not only is this sweater versatile enough for any season, it can also be dressed up or down without an ounce of effort — just how I like it. The obvious way to wear this comfy pullover is dressed down — with jean shorts and chucks to a movie, or leggings and sandals on a grocery store run. But I don’t like obvious. Because of that sassy little (huge) diamond, this sweater can be dressed up no problem. Yes it’s a loose-fitting sweater, which doesn’t usually scream “night out,” but if you pair it with the right pieces, you’re golden.

To give you a little inspiration for your next GNO, I put together the look below. First and foremost, I paired the sweater with a faux leather mini to offset the oversized top and cancel out the potato sack effect. Loose-fitting sweaters + minis (skirts or shorts) = a killer outfit for fall, every time. Learn that algorithm and love it. ANYWAYS, to finish off the ensemble, I went with bright cobalt heels (I LOVE the look of black & white with a touch of cobalt), a sequin clutch, and some silver rings. Since the outfit is pretty edgy, I chose a pale pink nail polish to juxtapose the badass vibe with a little hint of sweet. Who ever thought a slouchy sweater could be so glam?
Sweater: H&M | Skirt: Nasty Gal | Heels: Charlotte Russe | Clutch: Nordstrom | Rings: Nasty Gal | Nail Lacquer: Essie (Lovie Dovie)

How would you wear this SOTW? Comment below!

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