A Few of My Favorite Things: RMS Beauty Oil

Ever tried using oil on your skin instead of a lotion moisturizer? Everyone’s skin varies, but this Beauty Oil from RMS has made all the difference with mine. Beauty Oil gives you an even, glowing complexion, provides antioxidant protection, and smells incredible. Its lightweight formula doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, yet hydrates like nobody’s business — making it applicable for all skin types. Oh, and did I mention it’s also certified organic?

Yes, it’s a little pricier than your Aveeno moisturizer from the drugstore, but my tiny bottle from February still has plenty. The directions suggest applying three to four drops in the morning and at night, but I just do it once before bed. If you want to do a little experiment to see how your skin reacts to an oil moisturizer before dropping 74 bucks, try a little coconut oil or almond oil on your face for a couple days. Don’t use any other new products that day/try not to eat an entire pizza, then if you break out you’ll know oil moisturizers aren’t your thing.

Ready to scoop up a bottle of your own? I got my Beauty Oil locally at Pink Dot Beauty Bar, but visit the RMS website to see where you can find their products near you!

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