Fake Weddings, Real Job


I’m SO excited to share some big news with y’all — I have a new job and it’s kind of awesome. The company is called The Big Fake Wedding (formerly The NotWedding — more on the name change shortly) and it’s basically a bridal show alternative in the form of, well, a big fake wedding! The “wedding guests” are brides-to-be who basically get to crash a wedding while getting ideas for their own wedding — kind of awesome, right? Engaged ladies bring their bridesmaids, friends, mom, or even their fiancé (that’s how you know he’s a keeper!) to attend a sweet ceremony, a pretty dope dinner, and a big dance-party reception — all while experiencing their city’s wedding vendors in action. Brides-to-be leave the event with a swag bag in hand, fun little goodies from various vendors, and tons of inspiration for planning their own wedding — I know, don’t you wish you had thought of it?!

I joined the team at a really exciting time, as we are in the process of changing our name and branding. Why the name change? For one, we are ready to stop spelling the name every time we say it! “That’s The NotWedding: The N-O-T Wedding.” We also want to avoid any brand confusion, and we hope to create an identity that is entirely our own. We will continue as The NotWedding until the end of 2014 and then begin operating as The Big Fake Wedding in 2015. Although the name is changing, we are still devoted to our goals of inspiring brides and grooms, supporting small businesses, and encouraging solid marriages.


As for my role in all this, I began my fabulous journey at the company back in March as an intern, then a couple months later became part-time. A few weeks ago, when my boss called and asked if I’d like to officially join the team, I squealed out a yes with an audible heartbeat and even more audible smile. I’m now working full-time as the Marketing Assistant (to probably the coolest boss EVER), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Look out for a familiar voice on The Big Fake Wedding Blog, as well as several of our social media outlets. Follow the fun on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


So now that you know what I do, come and join me at one of the events near you! I have included our 2015 Event Lineup above, and as you can see, I’m going to be traveling a lot! Did I mention this job is going to be awesome?? If you would like to attend one of these events with me and the ridiculously cool team, please visit our website or email me at chloe@thebigfakewedding.com for more info.

Photo Credit: Gillian Ellis of A Coastal Bride, Kaitie Bryant Photography

4 thoughts on “Fake Weddings, Real Job

  1. that job sounds incredible – very fun + different from regular wedding planning/vendor work. congrats! Such a good move on the name change too – I’m sure saying ‘not the knot’ was not fun. 🙂

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