Annie Grotophorst x TKPD


So my friend Annie Grotophorst is a crazy-talented artist and just moved to Charleston to hang out with me more/get a job in graphic design. Somehow I lucked out by getting her to do some illustrations of my blog, and y’all – they’re freaking amazing. I was thinking Annie would send me one, maybe two; but before I knew it, all of these masterpieces were in my inbox and my heart was exploding. (I’m dramatic).

Let it be known that this babe did all of these illustrations with WATERCOLOR – which kind of boggles my mind. I know what you’re thinking: “those designs, that detail, how did she ever have the patience…?” But that’s just what makes Annie so ridiculously talented. Take a look at my post, Neon Nights, and compare the illustration above to the photos. Like, which one is which?! I don’t even know.

S’more Dandy

Party in Palazzos

Adored in Co-Ords

Layering Love

Power + Glory

One Piece, Two Ways: Old Navy Drapey Cropped Pants

Falling for Autumn Florals

Love Annie’s work as much as I do? Feel free to email her at for your (affordable) custom illustration needs. To enter to win one of your very own, head to my Instagram now!

To see more of Annie’s work, check out her portfolio (she does the cutest dog drawings!) and her Instagram – it’s artsy/Charleston/food/adventure perfection.

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