Charleston Fashion Week 2015: Highlights

Day one with some sweet Charleston bloggers!

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This little Hazel Cole number was one of my absolute favorite pieces of the week.

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I met this fabulous little dude seconds before taking this photo. It was love at first sight. Does it not look like we belong together?

I couldn’t not share a highlight from emerging designer Amanda Dreesen‘s show. All the models were wearing these metallic horns, and I was a big fan.

This was funny. Blogger BFF Brittany of Southern Meets Chic and I were wondering why the people next to us got moved to the second row, but before we knew it the cast of Southern Charm was being seated next to us. I tried to pretend I didn’t care and that I think the show is an embarrassment to Charleston, but truth be told it was pretty cool (and I’ve totally seen every episode). Shoutout to Holy City in Heels for capturing this creepy little shot!

Couldn’t resist taking this Snapchat selfie for all my Southern Charm lovers back home. If Shep is your favorite on the show, you’ll be happy to know he doesn’t suck in person. We chatted throughout the whole show and yes ladies, he’s just as cute in person.

Holyyyy Mosaic. This Mara Hoffman swimwear look (and that braid!) spoke to my soul.

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SO awesome getting to meet two of my favorite bloggers, Megan of For All Things Lovely and Caitlin of Southern Curls & Pearls. As big-time as these ladies are, they were incredibly sweet. I fangirled over them 100x more than the Southern Charm cast and they were just so humble. Don’t you love that?

This swimwear line from emerging designer Dinah Lightsey was seriously killer.

Another fangirl moment with Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week. She recently threw major shade at Kanye West, which makes her even cooler in my book. I’m kinda over Kanye too, Fern.

Can I have everything from the Harbison show? This talented guy actually designed something that Queen Bey wore to NYFW, so we can all just bow down.

We all made Mr. Harbison himself take a photo with us. Sooo can you, like, introduce us to Beyoncé? For real though, he was so cool and inspiring.

The Bernadette Jeudy & Roxanne Walton show was so cute I almost started crying. Also I literally think that’s Ralphie from A Christmas Story. #celebsighting

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Trina Turk for Belk was fantastic. It was so fun, colorful, and had everyone craving summer. It made it even cooler that Trina Turk was THERE, which leads me to…

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…This amazing moment. Trina Turk was just the sweetest, even though we had to do 34089234 takes of this picture due to the weird purple lighting. BFF.

The Spring Bridal Show on Saturday morning was truly exquisite. It was presented by Gathering Events, who decked out the runway tent like a goddamn dream, and I was seriously blown away by the shows. One of my absolute favorite picks was this floral + gold Kate McDonald number. Like I kind of want this print to be on everything I own..? Am I alone in this?

Love this shot of me and my blogger babes on Saturday morning at the bridal show!

That’s a wrap on #CHSFW! There are tons more highlights that I want to share with y’all, but I feel like this post was getting long and boring. Who’s ready for next year?!

All images c/o my iPhone & also stolen from Southern Meets Chic when my phone died ❤

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