Born and raised in beautiful Charlottesville, VA, I’m now loving my picture-perfect new home, Charleston, SC. If I had to describe my personal style in three words, it would have to be classic, trendy, and feminine (with an edge). How can you be classic and trendy at the same time, you may ask? Think if J. Crew had a baby with Urban Outfitters. My wardrobe is an eclectic blend of thrift store finds, trendy pieces, and classic staples. The thing about my blog is that I’m not a model and I’m not a millionaire — I like to showcase more affordable, achievable looks that can inspire real life, everyday fashion. My goal is to inspire y’all to flirt with new fads while staying true to your signature style. Be fearless but keep your individuality — because fashion is temporary and says “me too,” while style is timeless and says “just me.”

Join me on my journey as I explore a new city, and follow my fashion sense along the way. Let’s have fun!

xx Chloe

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  2. Just stumbled upon your blog.. Love it! I was born and raised in Charleston and I’m glad to see you love it as much as the locals do!! Just curious, who does your photography?


    • You’re so sweet, thank you! Usually my sister takes my photos for me, but sometimes they’re from shoots done by professional photogs. Occasionally my sweet boyfriend takes them, and he usually gets the best, most genuine photos 🙂 I’m glad you like my blog, thanks so much for reading!
      xx Chloe

  3. Just stopping by from Glitter & Juls 🙂 I’ll be planning a Blogger meet n greet in Savannah soon. let me know if you’re interested since I just found out you’re in Charleston! Thanks again for the invite to the March Big Fake Wedding Event. What a cool job you have! It will be great to meet you next month!


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