Birthday Fiesta

I’m officially 26, y’all, and it’s time to celebrate! I’ve always loved having my birthday right before Cinco de Mayo, especially when they both fall close to the weekend like they do this year. It gives me the perfect excuse to extend the fiesta for as long as possible!

This year I combined the two for a fun and festive look that incorporates both “holidays,” (does my birthday count as a holiday?) featuring some of my favorite trends – pom poms, off the shoulder, and embroidery. These are great aspects of a birthday outfit AND a Cinco de Mayo outfit, so this just felt right, ya know?

This Asos dress just screams party time, so it was kind of a no-brainer. Since it does have just a *bit* going on, I tried to keep the rest of the look fairly simple. I topped it off with tortoise sunglasses, nude lace up heels (these BP ones have been on major repeat this spring!), and a nude crossbody featuring some fun embroidery.

Thanks for partying with TK&PD! ❤

Dress: Asos | Crossbody Bag: Francesca’s | Shoes: BP | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Pineapple Studs c/o Swell Caroline | Rings: Baublebar | Bangles: c/o Moon & Lola | Lips: NYX (‘Girl Crush’) | Nails: Essie (‘Topless and Barefoot’)



If you read my blog, you probably know by now that I love Dandy Boutique. I’ve already featured it here and here and the love connection has only gotten stronger since then. When I found out that the sweet shop and I are birthday sisters (Dandy’s was yesterday and mine is Monday – close enough, right?), I loved it even more. So happy 1st birthday, Dandy, cheers to us!




When I saw this dress from Alice’s Pig at Dandy Boutique, it was all over. Alice’s Pig is a company out of London that is inspired by vintage style and Alice in Wonderland. Like, okay. I love the flattering shape, feminine neckline, and the exaggerated skirt – not to mention the fantastic print and material. Perfect for a birthday party! Or should I say, tea party?





Because this dress is so fabulous, I kept accessories to a minimum (shocking, I know). I went with some lace up heels, an envelope clutch, and retro round sunnies to go along with the vintage feel of the dress. As for my jewelry, I chose some Moon & Lola hashtag studs and rings to keep up the edgy vibe.




Head to Dandy Boutique to celebrate their 1st birthday and pick up some pretty little pieces like this one! Happy weekend y’all, and happy birthday weekend to me! XO

Dress: Alice’s Pig c/o Dandy Boutique | Shoes: Target (old) | Clutch: Forever 21 | Sunnies: ASOS (similar) | Hashtag Studs c/o Moon & Lola | Rings c/o Moon & Lola | Lips: Revlon (Unapologetic) | Nails: Essie (Blanc)

Photo Credit: Taylor Rae Photography

Birthday Resolutions

I have a (not so important) birthday coming up on Sunday, and it has led me to do a little self-reflecting. “Oh here we go,” you’re probably thinking, but just hear me out for a sec. For some reason, we all associate resolutions with New Years — but why? What is it about a date change in the dead of winter (aka my hibernation period) that makes people suddenly want to work out, eat more veggies, or drink less wine? Okay, maybe not that last one. But still. New Years Day is not the right time to make resolutions — instead, it should be your birthday.

Doesn’t that just make so much more sense? Nothing like turning a whole year older to remind a person that they still don’t know how to cook at 23 (totally random example). If everyone made birthday resolutions, we could all do it on our own time and feel a lot less pressure knowing everyone isn’t doing the same thing at the same time. If your birthday is on January 1st, sorry/this might not apply to you. But to everyone else, join me in making birthday resolutions of your own! Take a look at the top 5 things I want to be better at before I turn 24.

Birthday Resolutions (elaborated):

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Although a bit of a cliché and also easier said than done, this resolution is an important one. I tend to worry and stress about trivial things, and that’s not a good way to live. When I turn 23, I’m going to make a conscious effort to chill the eff out, let go of things I can’t change, and just sit back and enjoy each day.
  2. Read more – Yes, this is one of my resolutions and no, I’m not turning 8. I always find myself watching Parks & Rec or playing with my phone before bed even though I know it’s bad for you. Not only am I probably getting a worse night’s sleep, I have about a billion books that I want to read.
  3. Do one thing a day that scares you – I feel like this is something everyone should try to do. Whether it’s trying that daunting class at the gym, making a new friend, or trying out a difficult recipe, it’s really important to try new things often.
  4. Live a healthier lifestyle – Another cliché, but something I really need to make a habit. That means no more less candy, more home-cooked meals, get back on my workout grind, drink tons of water, etc. I do go through stages of eating like a princess, but I need to make it more consistent. I mean I don’t eat like a 400 pound man or anything, but I’m not going to not try the new Taco Bell breakfast menu…??
  5. Be a “yes” girl – This will probably be my hardest resolution. Today we live in a world where saying “maybe” or “no” is the norm — we hardly ever make solid plans. If someone asks me if I want to go to happy hour, I usually give some vague “probably” answer, just in case I’m forgetting about something else/I end up not feeling like it. I rationalize saying no because I’ve worked all day, I’m tired, and I’ve already made plans with Netflix. I turned down an awesome event and concert this week, and I instantly regretted it. I’d rather feel a little tired the next day than FOMO — always.

And as a great band once said…
^Miniature Chloe! Channeling my inner Nicki Minaj perhaps?

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to make good changes in your life. Comment your resolutions below!


(image source: pinterest)